Shoulder/Elbow Issues

  • Front limb lameness in our canine patients is not as commonly seen as rear limb lameness.
  • When front limb issues arise they are often intermittent or mild in nature and difficult to even distinguish the affected limb in some cases.
  • Once the affected limb has been identified, the examining doctor must determine where and how severe the problem is.
  • The front limb presents special challenges to the practitioner due to lack of exacting test to perform and frequency of which one sees these problems in every day practice.
  • We have specialized equipment (MRI) that allows us to get confirmatory diagnosis on some of the most difficult cases. By combining the experience and equipment, we can get to a diagnosis fast and allow for a more rapid recovery of your animal.
  • Once a diagnosis is reached animals will return to their routine care veterinarian for further treatment.

Most Common Front Limb Lameness.

  1. OCD – Young animals
  2. Trauma – Fractures
  3. Cervical disc issues (root signatures)
  4. Elbow Dysplasia
  5. Bicipital Tendonitis
  6. Infraspinatus/Supraspinatus Muscle Contracture
  7. Luxation

With a correct diagnosis, some of these once chronic issues can be treated with favorable surgical outcomes. The most important part of the equation is a correct pin point diagnosis.

If your animal has an acute or chronic front limb lameness, and you or your doctor thinks that we might be able to help with diagnostics or possible surgical treatment, please call.