Fracture Repair

     Unlike many of our surgical procedures, which are planned procedures, fractures are always an unplanned event involving trauma to the animal and emotional trauma to the owner. We understand this, and will strive to provide as prompt of service as or schedule will allow.

  • We try to repair all fractures within 7 days of the traumatic event.
  •  We will work with your primary care provider to insure a smooth transition from their facility to ours.
  • Your pet will usually undergo fracture fixation within 24 hours of being admitted to the Haire Veterinary Clinic.
  • Since fractures are all individually different in type and severity, it is impossible to list all the different fracture fixations that are offered. Each fracture fixation style is case by case and usually 1-2 choices are offered for each kind of injury.
  • We offer advanced fracture fixation including but not limited to plating, interlocking nails, external fixation, and corrective osteotomies. Most follow up visits will be done at your local veterinary clinic for your convenience.

Please have your veterinarian call with a consultation or send radiographs for review if you think we can help your animal.